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How to order your diploma here?

gc - Process
gc m - Process
gc m2 - Process

Learn the process here:

  1. Download and Fill out the Order Form, Send to our Email.
  2. Pay 50% Advance Payment.
  3. Design the Digital Copy for You.
  4. Confirm the Content Information.
  5. Pay the Balance.
  6. Printing, Produce the Embossed Seal.
  7. Packaging and Delivery, tell you the DHL tracking number.

It takes 4-5 days to finish your diploma, and around 5 days for the delivery-time.



  1. International Wire Transfer, you can make a payment by Wire Transfer online after you get bank account
    from our company. It takes about 3 days to reaching our account or just few minutes in some countries.
  2.  Wise, a new tool these years, take few hours to get the money, learn more:
  3.  PayPal, If You have Paypal, You can send the Money very easily and Protect your Payment not to be Scammed.